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The Summerhouse
by Jude Deveraux

I loved it. It had a great concept and was well put together. It kept my interest and there were also many things I that I could relate to. This summerhouse series has an option for 3 different women to go back in time to change their life. They have 3 weeks to do it and then return. They learn many things about themselves and heal some things too.

Glitter And Glue Kelly Corrigan
by Kelly Corrigan

Great book, entertaining, inspiring easy to read and fun

Death of the Zanjero an Old Los Angeles Mystery
by Anne Louise Bannon

Before LA was a thriving metropolis, it was a ranch town of dirt streets and little law. The Zanjero was one of the most powerful men because he controlled the water rights. Get on his wrong side and you might face ruin. When the Zanjero turns up dead in a irrigation ditch, young widow, Maddie Wilcox sets out to prove her friend innocent and catch the real killer.

Forsaken Soul a Medieval Mystery
by Priscilla Royal

When a blacksmith dies under mysterious circumstances in the local pub, there is no dearth of suspects. It's up to Brother Thomas and his cohorts to determine the culprit. Is it the prostitute he frequents, a jealous girlfriend, or does it stem from a tragic event in his past. They mystery will keep you guessing until the surprising end.

The Bride Wore Constant White
by Shelley Adina

I always enjoy discovering a new series I like and I was very pleased to find this one. This is the first book in the Mysterious Devices mysteries about the Old West. This one reminded me of the Wild Wild West movies though not so tongue in cheek. When two sisters travel to Colorado from England in search of their father, they become embroiled in a murder mystery before their search can start. There are plenty of suspects and not many allies. When they team up with an urchin, a laundress and a man with a sort of flying machine, things get interesting.

The Hour of the Fox
by Cassandra Clark

In this medieval era mystery, Brother Godfrey must discover who murdered a young novitiate. Along the way, he becomes embroiled in political intrigue and the struggle for the English throne.

Diva And Flea
by Mo Willems

A cute story of friendship and trying new things!

Diva And Flea
by Mo Willems

A cute story of friendship and trying new things!

Bad Kitty Gets A Bath
by Nick Bruel

So funny!

Green Ember
by S.D. Smith

I really like the Green Ember series and how the stories are written. On Audible, the reader of Green Ember is really good, his different voices and expression.
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